Rachael Norman


eOvu is an independent brand located online at www.etsy.com, the label is solely based on unique, high quality vintage goods reflecting quite heavily on the 1970’s style.

The brand is still in its early ages of development but with the consistent high quality standard of vintage clothing eOvu stocks its sure to be a big success! The brand stocks designer as well as high street at an affordable cost.

Fortunately I was able to work on a photo shoot for eOvu assisting and styling all the beautiful clothing. It was a fun experience, and putting forward ideas was a great opportunity to enhance on skills that were already in place.

Above is some footage of the day and a little sneak at what eOvu has to offer.

London Fashion Week.

During LFW I lucky enough to intern as part of the dressing team for the Mary Katrantzou show. It was exciting, fun and really hectic!

Above are some photos from the day when I had a spare few minutes to do so!

Once we was all finished assisting on the show we strolled down towards old bond street where the Belstaff party was held. The VIP bus looked amazing!


During my summer I had the chance to visit dorset and the beautiful Durdle Door.

I had never expected it to be as picturesque and beautiful as it was, anybody would think it was abroad if you didn’t know. I spent the whole day here mesmerized by natures beauty definitely worth a trip if you’ve never had the chance to go.  

Researching throughout the summer for my dissertation topic has had a lot of changes. My final ideas have been led from looking into the dark side of fashion and art. Above are some images from McQueen and Joel Peter Witkin.

I enjoy looking into this type of photography and shock advertising as its quite interesting and inspiring to see something different to what you see every day.

Here are some photos that I have taken whilst residing in Bristol for the summer.

One of my favourite photos has to be of the pastel houses in Montpelier, definately want a pretty coloured house when I eventually have one!


Summer in Bristol 2013.

I decided to spend my summer in the vibrant city of  Bristol this year, Here are some snaps from my time here and interests of mine.

One highlight was definitely St Pauls Carnival, something I had never attended before but will definitely again! Probably best described as a smaller scale of Notting Hill Carnival.

Glastonbury festival 2013.

Now wasn’t Glastonbury festival just perfect? Good vibes, good weather, good company and most importantly good music!!

 Probably the most outstanding British festival of the year! Here are some snaps that I took whilst I was there.. mainly of me and my friends enjoying ourselves and having lots of good fun!